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Private Investigation


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Investigations and Surveillance Specialists

Bastion Solutions is a private investigation company with bases in London and Peterborough areas. We provide private investigation services to corporate and private clients within the UK and internationally.


Our company founder has over 30 year's experience as a Metropolitan Detective and has worked in all areas of major organised crime, terrorism and covert operations. A specialist in investigation, surveillance and technical surveillance our director works closely alongside our diligent and experienced team of operatives to provide you with the answers you're looking for.



All our investigators come from Military and Law Enforcement backgrounds and are experts in their fields. We pride ourselves on our high-quality service and the ability to get things done unnoticed.



Our areas of investigation include a wide variety of services. We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days per week and provide our services throughout the UK and internationally throughout the world.

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Bastion Solutions employ both male and female operatives. All of which are fully DBS checked. We are fully registered members of the Association of British Investigators, Member number F2062 and are registered with the Information Commissioners Office.

Affordable solutions to get you the answers you need.

Bastion Solutions provide a wide range of private investigation, surveillance, tracking and legal services to both corporate and private clients throughout the UK and internationally. Our diligent and experienced team are made up of male and female operatives that come from law enforcement and military backgrounds.

We have offices in London and the Peterborough area and provide an extremely discreet service to our clients. We guarantee 100% confidentiality

Our services include:

Accident Investigation

Accident Plans and Drawings

CCTV Consulting

Corporate Surveillance

Corporate Fraud

Counter Surveillance

Child Protection Surveillance

Close Protection

Cyber Crime

Domestic Surveillance

Drone Surveillance

Employee Sickness / Absence Surveillance and Investigation

Employee Claims

Financial Fraud

Fraud Investigation

Identity Theft

Insurance Fraud

Matrimonial Surveillance and Investigation

Missing Persons Investigation

Overseas Investigation

Proof of Cohabiting Surveillance and Investigation

Protective Surveillance

Private Security

Private Investigations

Penetration Testing

Physical Security Consulting

Reputation Damage Protection

Social Media Monitoring

Security Staff Compentency Testing

Trace Inquiries

TSCM De-bugging

Vehicle Tracking

  • What is a private investigator?
    A Private Investigator is a professional who is hired by law firms, corporations, insurance agencies, private individuals, or other entities to gather intelligence and confirm or disprove information.
  • Are there other names for private investigators?
    Yes! can also be known as a PI, private eye, or private detective
  • What do private investigators do?
    A private investigator can work to find clues and evidence to prove their client’s suspicions in a wide range of scenarios. Often, people come to an investigator when they have their doubts that a situation may not be all it seems, or if a person is acting oddly around them. We are here to help you to get to the bottom of your problem and collect the crucial evidence you need. Private investigators can find the truth so you get the answers you need. A great thing about private investigators is that they are not limited to one area; it is possible to locate people, perform covert surveillance and trace people all over the world. There is no job too big or small for a private investigator!
  • Why hire a private investigator?
    Many people will not have been in the situation of requiring a private investigator before, so may not be aware of the main benefits of hiring a professional investigator! There are lots of reasons why taking on the services of a professional private investigator could be a great choice: Firstly, a professional detective will have the skills, knowledge and contacts to be able to perform their job well. It is sometimes possible to find limited information about people using databases, the internet or social media, but you often cannot get in deep enough to be able to fully locate people, find out about their complete background (including any criminal activities, employment, status etc.) without having the right tools at your disposal. Private investigators are a real investment for good, as when we have nagging doubts that something is not right, perhaps in a relationship or within our family lives, it can have a devastating effect on our mental health as well as our physical wellbeing. Through getting your issues resolved using the skills of a private investigator, you are potentially saving yourself days, months, years even of heartache and not knowing – it is often the “not knowing” which hurts the most when something is amiss in a relationship. With professional private investigator services, you can be sure of 100% discreet services. Whether you are undertaking covert surveillance, tracing a person or performing background checks, one of the number one rules is that the person in question must be completely unaware. This is important to ensure they do not change their behaviour while they are being watched, as well as for the safety of the case. When you take on the services of a detective, you always know that you are safe that the person in question will be completely unaware of the investigation. Finally, it is important to know that your private investigator has the skills and tools to be able to carry out the job competently. When we attempt to find things out for ourselves, we often end up getting stuck at a dead end or being unable to go any further into a database. Detectives and private investigators have the skills and tools to be able to find the information you require with discretion and sensitivity, keeping your information completely confidential. There really is no alternative.
  • How do I hire a private investigator?
    Hiring a private investigator is extremely easy. Just give us a call on 07967 751939 or contact us online. We'll arrange a confidential meeting with you and provide you with a quotation for our services. Once we've agreed all the details of the task in hand, we'll start our work.
  • Will my case be confidential?
    Yes! Our business is based on confidentiality and you can expect 100% confidentiality from the initial enquiry right through to the conclusion of our investigation.

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