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Corporate Surveillance

Do you have employees who are suing for injury claims? Or perhaps you have co-directors that are fraudulent. Is there a thief in your workplace? Is it that you need to locate debtors and recover goods, is your employees sick leave a concern or do you require pre-employment screening and right to work checks for your team. Bastion Solutions provide a variety of corporate investigation services for businesses of all sizes. No matter what you need investigating we can help get you the answers you need.


We will carry out investigations, surveillance and tracking on your behalf to obtain the evidence you need for your case. Our service is strictly confidential and we operate nationwide and internationally.


All of our private investigators come from law enforcement and military backgrounds and have extensive experience in private investigation, tracking and surveillance. With Bastion Solutions you can be confident that you will get the answers you need.


Case Studies


A Director Caught Out


GPS works by providing information on exact location. A GPS tracking system uses the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) network. This network incorporates a range of satellites that use microwave signals that are transmitted to GPS devices to give information on location, vehicle speed, time and direction.


Bastion Solutions were recently instructed to investigate a company director who was a major shareholder in a chain of shops who was suspected of starting up a business in direct competition with his current employer. The Director was suspected of opening up rival shops and stealing potential customers and suppliers from his current employers in breach of the Non Disclosure Agreement he had signed.


A GPS tracking device was fitted covertly to his vehicle for a period of two weeks which recorded all of the addresses visited in that period. Enquiries around some of the addresses found premises that had been set up in direct competition to his current company. Operatives were then deployed to the various premises where surveillance was undertaken and covert photography of the subject at these premises. It confirmed the fears that he was setting up rival branches.


This evidence allowed his employers to take him to Court for breach of NDA and other financial recovery and compensation procedures. It also allowed the company to dismiss him.


Proving Insurance Fraud


Bastion Solutions were recently employed via an Insurance Company to check into the health and well being of a claimant who was claiming a large amount of money as a result of injuries received in a non-fault vehicle collision. The claimant had stated that she was unable to work due to severe back, neck and shoulder pain and needed daily assistance to do basic day to day chores. She further stated to independent medical examiners that she was mainly bedridden and had to use a walking stick to get around.


After the medical examination we undertook a period of surveillance to monitor the claimant. This was done for two days a week over a four week period, working different days to obtain a whole cross-section of a week. On each day the claimant was observed photographic evidence was obtained of the following:


  • Subject walking unaided and fluently often carrying heavy shopping

  • Driving her motor vehicle daily

  • Walking the dog daily and bending down to clear up dog mess without any issues in mobility

  • Socialising and at least four occasions where she was filmed dancing in a bar

  • Using her local gym and being filmed using the running and cycling machine and lifting weights

  • The subject was also observed working in the care industry.


The surveillance was successfully used by the insurance company to massively reduce the value of this claim

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